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The home of Caitriona's beautiful award-winning photography products & services, new songs and Caitriona's Album


Caitriona is a Professional Photographer covering

Business /Commercial events, websites requirements

Community events /Family Portraiture/

Weddings/School Portraits...

She was the Press Photographer for

the Clonmel Nationalist, Co. Tipperary for 7 years.

Award-winning Photographer/Artist selling

beautiful, quality, art photography since

her debut exhibition in Tipperary in 2007

Welcome to Caitriona Kenny
Music and  Photography

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Caitriona's new song

"Will You Be My Daniel

To My Majella"

won SONG OF THE WEEK on Tipp FM's Premier Country Show with Carol Power in October 2022.

In 2005, Caitriona’s debut album as a Singer/Songwriter received a 5 out of 5 star review in the Irish World Newspaper in London.


In November 2022 she re-launched her songwriting career with the title song,

“Will You Be My Daniel To My Majella”.

“I have two beautiful daughters… I had them on my own... and I have 11 months to build a house for them. It’s time to be brave, be fearless and believe anything can happen if you try hard and go for it!”


When I released my first album in 2005 it was all about me. I was single and wanted success and if I’m honest, a bit of glory too. But this time the success goal perspective is very different. I have two beautiful little girls that I brought into this world on my own. That was the biggest and hardest mountain I will ever climb and I feel that although this next mountain is big… after the last one anything is possible.

I’ve lived in a rented cottage for 15 years -  it’s been a wonderful home to me but I’ve been given notice to leave. Things change in people’s lives and it is, as it is. I’ve always wanted to build my own house and now fate has pushed me towards it.

I have 12 months (counting down from October 2022) before I have to leave and my ‘master plan’ is to use every ounce of talent and skills that I have to create songs and promote my photography products to make money to build a dream forever home for my girls.

Nora-Séan, my 3 year old has just arrived home from pre-school. There is nothing more important that taking her in my arms, holding her and seeing her beautiful amazing smile and feeling her arms tight around me. That is present time. That is perspective. My eldest and first miracle child Áine-James returns home from school singing the new song she learnt today – “I’m a singer like you mummy.”

For my children, my two miracles I will do anything.


So, my new single, Will You Be My Daniel To My Majella” is now available to buy/download, along with my album from this website.

The accompanying music video details are below – I had an idea to get a piano up to the Glen of Aherlow!! And there’s a cat in it!


The second song release, “The Best Thing You Ever Done for Me Was Leave Me,” is nearly finished. I have lots of songs lined up to record and pitch to other artists… Dolly Parton, Daniel O’Donnell, Hal Ketchum – if you’re reading this… I may have a great song for you....


Slowly, slowly I’ll get up for sale my photography products and Angel Greeting Cards. I’m well-known for my artistic landscape photographs of the Glen of Aherlow/Galtee Mountains and have been selling my work since my award-winning debut exhibition in 2007. (See About Info)

I’ve been working on a new project of beautiful Irish hedgerow and nature artwork photographs/products that are just stunning. Watch this space.


I hope you'll join me on my journey – It should be fun and daring and sometimes personal and I’m sure I’ll cry at some point but hopefully perspective and mantras such as, “Keep your head about you,” will keep me going.


After all F.E.A.R. means two things… ‘False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. OR “F*ck. Everything. And. and Run :) 


I’ll be posting videos about my journey as a songwriter; such as how I rang Daniel O’Donnell for his blessing on the new song and how I nearly collapsed when he actually answered the phone!!! And other stuff to overcome such including the ... "You Can't Do That!" voice in my head but I know I'll do it anyway, adventures.


Sending out love

Caitriona xx


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To watch Caitriona's music video for her new single release Click here

Caitriona's new music video filmed on location in the beautiful Galtee Mountains, Glen of Aherlow Co. Tipperary and the Tipperary Excel Heritage Centre, Tipperary Town. 

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Be the first to get the latest news about Caitriona's new songs, videos and adventures on her journey.

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