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Your photos: How to Order


1. Each photo in the gallery below has a file name. When ordering your photos  - use the ENTIRE file name to identify which photo you want and put what size: 

E.G. DSC_6656 x1 in 10x8inch

E.G. 6943LS x 3 in 7x5inch

2. I can also frame photos for you - see samples below and get in touch


3. Email your order to Caitriona by clicking on the green CONTACT button / include your full name and contact number in your email


To contact Caitriona by Email click on green button

to ring Caitriona with enquiries: 087 649 2387



Quality Wood Frames on left in inches

limed white or dark brown

20x16 framed to 24x20 is €245

18x12 framed to 22x16 is €170

12x8 framed to 16x12 is €110

10x8 framed to 12x10 is €95


Contact me if you want larger sizes or a different colour frame


Frame on left

Special Offer

Brown with gold trim

10x8 inch photo framed €50

BOX Frame - enquries re sizes and cost

Frames above

Beige/white  and Black/white

10x8 inch photo & frame €45

Frame €20

7x5 inch photo & frame €25

Frame €15

6x4 photo & frame €20

Frame €12

Canvas 1.5 inch wrap around starting at €95 for 10x8 inch

Prices are an estimation and may go up or down. Enquiries about sizes and framing? Contact Caitriona

To contact Caitriona by Email click on green button

to ring Caitriona with enquiries: 087 649 2387



UNFRAMED /Single prints in a mount

1x 6x4 inch is €8

1x  7x5 inch €10

1x  10x8 inch €30

1x 12x8 inch €35

18x12 is €95

20x16 is €125

24x18 is €195


A) 1x 10x8 and 1x 7x5 for €35 (save €5)

B) 1x 10x8 and 2x 7x5 inch photos €45 (save €5)

C) 2x 10x8 and 2x 7x5 inch photos €70 (save €10)

D) 1x 10x8 and 3x 7x5 for €55 (save €5)


E) 1x 12x8 and 1x 7x5 for €40 (save €5)

F) 1x 12x8 and 2x 7x5 inch photos €50 (save €5)

G) 2x 12x8 and 2x 7x5 inch photos €80 (save €10)

H) 1x 12x8 and 3x 7x5 for €60 (save €5)



Email/text me with any enquiries:

larger sizes available prints contact me: with your request:



In Inches

1x  7x5 inch €10

2x 7x5 inch €18 (save €2)

3x 7x5 inch €25 (save €5)

4x 7x5 for €35 (save €5)

5x 7x5 inch €45 (save €5)

6x 7x5 for €50 (save €10)

7x 7x5 for €60 (save €10)

8x 7x5 for €70 (save €10)

9x 7x5 for €80 (save €10)

10x 7x5 inch €85 (save €15)

15 7x5 inch €135 (save €15)

20x 7x5 for €170 (save €30)

1x 10x8 for €25

2x 10x8 for €45 (save €5)

3x 10x8 for €70 (save €5)

4x 10x8 for €90 (save €10)

5x 10x8 for €110 (save €15)

10x 10x8's for €220 (save €30)


1x 12x8 €35

2x 12x8 €65 (save €5)

3x 12x8 €100 (save €5)

4x 12x8 €130 (save €10)

5x 12x8 €160 (save €15)



Please note that colours may vary in the printing & framing process

The sizes of frames (given in inches) may differ slightly, more or less, in the framing process.

Prices quoted on this page may vary. Prices given are subject to change.

Prices may increase after 3 months of the photos going on the page. 

(c)2018 Copyright of all photographs remain with Caitriona Kenny Photography. Making copies of prints is prohibited.

The time given to order photographs is 3 months whereafter the gallery may be removed to create more space for new projects.



Please note: the Caitriona Kenny LOGO is on the sample photos only. This will be replaced by a signature in the right hand corner once your prints are ordered.  


Once you order your photo - Caitriona will tidy/photoshop the photo before printing - if you see something please add a note to any photos whilst ordering


Expected time for print development after ordering is 4 weeks

Click on the photo you want to view and note the file

number for ordering