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Limited Edition - Irish Nature Art Collection - Collection One

Limited editions

Classic Framed Giclee Fine Art Prints
Acryllic Framed Giclee Fine Art Prints
Limited Edition Giclee Fine Art Prints


April 2023


The photographs were taken within a 10Km radius of where I live in the Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary

Irish Nature Photography

hidden in our hedgerows

length of project

from 2010 to 2021


Pricing for these beautiful pieces of art will be available ASAP - If you have any enquiries please contact me - thank you.

Collection One: Beautiful photography art pieces showing the beauty of Irish nature magnified - the hedgerows, moss on stone walls, dreamy forests and Irish rivers.
"There is something about these photos... when I was taking them I got lost in nature's soul... for hours I would not be of this world, but transported to another intrinsically delicate, subtle, that has always been there, it’s still there, but passed over in our busy-ness and race to embrace the modern world and all that goes with.”
“They feel so very personal, so deep within our souls, our roots, a knowing, a familiarity. We recognise and feel a sense of loss, of mourning for the disconnect with the moss on the stone wall, the dew drop on a blade of grass, as once again our culture is being forced and hidden in the hedgerows. Irish nature culture whose atmosphere is easily recognisable in this microscopic world and yet lost in larger landscapes and forced global policies.”
“I love them. Every leaf I want to touch and feel it’s life-force. They bring me home. It has taken me over 10 years to bring them to you... maybe I was a little afraid of their simplicity... and other life events and projects kept taking priority. Maybe now is the perfect time for them to emerge as we cling on with our fingertips to our 'Irishness', as the Global cloud enshrouds and suffocates us and the hedgerows.” Caitriona

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