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Caitriona is a multi-talented Singer/Songwriter, Photographer and Writer. Through these mediums she continues to develop and bravely combine her talents to bring us something special, exceptional and unique.

As well as a songwriter, Caitriona is a successful Freelance Photographer and Artistic Landscape Photographer living in the Glen of Aherlow Co. Tipperary with her two beautiful daughters.

She was the Correspondent and Press Photographer for the Clonmel Nationalist newspaper from 2009 to 2020 covering all events in Tipperary Town and the surrounding areas. 

Caitriona is an award-winning artist selling beautiful, quality, art photography since her debut exhibition in Tipperary in 2007.


She's on a mission to use all her talents to build a house for her two beautiful daughters - take a look at her MISSION Statement on the HOME page.

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Art Photography

It all began in December 2006 when Caitriona set up a table, outside the two banks in Tipperary town four days before Christmas. 

"I had 12x8 inch photos of the Galtee Mountains and Glen of Aherlow and I sold out on the first day. I remember driving down to Clonmel the next morning and printing the next batch at Denis McSweeney photoshop and I was back between the two banks by 12.30pm. I really didn't believe I would sell anymore and I was convinced I was going to get arrested just for being there, but again, their was huge demand.

People just loved them and some of them wanted the photos framed so Tony Walsh from Wellworths would send over boxes of frames and I'd stand there framing for people at my table. It was freezing but I kept going. It was exhilarating that people wanted to buy my photos and after my print runs to Clonmel in the morning I'd be back at my make-shift table by noon.

I stood at that table in the freezing cold every day up until 6,30pm on Christmas Eve... catching that last customer on the way back to the car park.

I would go home to my mother and we would  talk for hours with my mum asking, "Did I meet anyone she knew?" and how amazing it all was. Of course my mum said, "I always knew you had such talent and it's about time you had a break!" 

It was the first time I had sold my artwork and I loved it.


In January, I arranged my first exhibition at the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre to open in April. I sent my press release into the Nationalist newspaper with some of my pictures and Eamon Lacey in editorial loved them. He did a full page spread of my pictures and at the time, The Nationalist was a broadsheet newspaper so the page was really impressive.

It was the last Nationalist newspaper my mother would see as she passed away five days later in St. Patrick's Hospital in Cashel. She was so proud of me and she  knew her friends at the Tipperary Active Retirement Association and her fellow card players would have seen the article. 

I was heart-broken but I kept my promise that I would open the exhibition. I dedicated the exhibition to my mum and with her watching over me, it was a success."

In April, 2007, just after her mother's months-mind mass, Caitriona's debut exhibition titled, ‘Aherlow’s Call’ showcased at the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre. Caitriona's unique style and distinctive use of colour exhibiting Tipperary's beloved Galtees Mountains and Glen of Aherlow went down a storm and her new business was established.


It was followed with five more art exhibitions over two years. All the hours spent perfecting her unique style and creating only high quality products established Caitriona as the go to person for beautiful pictures of the Galtee Mountains and local landmarks.

"I know you're still watching Mum... I miss you...  I hope you like the song about your favourite singer Daniel O'Donnell. xx"

How it all began

Art Photography

Caitriona is an award-winning artist selling beautiful, quality, art photography since her debut exhibition in Tipperary in 2007.

Caitriona’s career as an Artistic Landscape Photographer began in 2006 when she moved from London to the Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary. 

Caitriona Artistic Landscape Photography is synonymous with beautiful photographs of the Glen of Aherlow and Galtee Mountains.

In 2007 her debut exhibition titled, ‘Aherlow’s Call’ showcased her unique, distinctive use of colour and artistic slant in landscape photography.  

Subsequently, her second exhibition showing her unique exceptional

perspectives of the Rock of Cashel won her a

Tipp FM Arts & Entertainment award

Photographic Artist


making history as the first photographer to receive a Tipp FM Arts Award.  

In July 2008, her fourth exhibition titled ‘Love, Blessings & Healing’ featured on RTE’s Nationwide TV Programme.

The exhibition combined her photography with her own compassionate poetry and blessings to invoke love and forgiveness. 

Caitriona’s fine art framed products sell locally in Tipperary and in the past nationally through the Kilkenny group.

Her landscape photographs have been published by tourism organisations, Tipperary County Council and appeared in publications worldwide. 

Her strengths lie in the conceptulisation of ideas and bringing them alive through creative design and artistic mediums to an actual physical product. From an idea to realisation, to sourcing to product... she thinks it, she creates it, and does so with an acute consciousness to create something that will enhance people's lives.

Her unique style and eye for promoting the beauty in local areas has led to her high-quality framed works and 'fine-art prints' being sold locally, nationally and internationally. A natural progression of postcards, commissions for tourist brochures and her work being published in tourist and heritage books add international publications add to the long list of accolades for an artist who has produced a huge amount of works since her debut in 2007.

In 2009 she created photographs and design for a National ‘Disabled Awareness Campaign’, (Cashel Goldstar Initiative) & also took photos for the official Calendar for Emly National Tidy Towns winners 2009. In 2010, she created new ‘Pride In’ collections for villages & towns including; Bansha, Galbally, Emly and was commissioned to create the photographs for the new Tipperary Town Brochure 2010

Meeting Irish Country Star Daniel O'Donnell

RE: Will you Be My Daniel To My Majella

I met Daniel O’Donnell in Clogheen Co. Tipperary at a mass by Fr. Pat about 12-years ago... my mother was a huge fan (Anne Kenny from Tipperary Town) and when we spoke about my mother, remarkably, Daniel remembered her.   

I wrote and produced my own album in 2005 in the UK and received a 5 out of 5 star review in the Irish World Newspaper. At that time, before my mother passed away in 2007, she made me promise that I would write a song about Daniel and send it to him. I have finally made good of my promise... 

I hope that Daniel and Majella like the song and feel the integrity and purity of the song whilst honouring their love story. 

Correspondent & Press Photographer

Caitriona was the Correspondent & Press/Event’s Photographer for the Clonmel Nationalist from 2009 to 2020 

Caitriona filled the Tipperary Town pages with news and photographs for eleven years covering many hundreds if not thousands of events.

In 2013, as well as the Correspondent, she also became the Events photographer with her popular photographs of local people and events filling the pages 52 weeks of the year. 



Caitriona made history three times in her role as Correspondent & Event’s Photographer 

1. First ever female to be both the Correspondent and Press Photographer  

2. The first Correspondent/Photographer to have a front-page story and front-page photograph.  

3. First published ‘same sex’ marriage photograph in a regional newspaper in Ireland. 


Before Caitriona turned her artistic talents towards photography she had produced and released her own music album in London titled 

Debut Album

Coming Out of The Woods

In 2005, her debut album as singer/songwriter received a very rare, 5-out-5 star review in The Irish World newspaper in London.


“Stunning, Impressive and Highly accomplished.Quality folk-tinged songs showcase her versatility and real talent as a singer/songwriter. She would remind you of a young Kirsty McCall, bringing something very new and important to the game.” (Noel Mullen, Irish World Newspaper).  

The same year as her debut album, Caitriona received an

Honorary Music Diploma in Songwriting

by the World Music Foundation after three tracks from her debut album and two other instrumental pieces reached semi-finalists positions in the 2005 UK Song writing competition from thousands of international entries. 


The leading track from her debut album, titled, James Kenny  is a poignant ballad she wrote about her father that received air play across national and regional radio stations in Ireland, BBC Counties UK and airplay on the West Coast of America.  

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